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Argilla pot Sets

Argilla products are combined in sets that makes a range more afordable. 

All products must be used in a gas stove, microwave -, convection-, or oven
They are dishwasher proof

Argilla pottery is exclusive, hand-made works of art, glazed to ensuring the durable quality which will last a lifetime when used correctly.

The first price is for Sandstorm and second price is for the Country style pots

  • Not useable on stove plate
  • Argilla pottery should not be used as a frying pan
  • Food may not be grilled in Argilla pottery
  • Do not add coldwater or sauce to hot pottery
  • It is safe to cook at 180°C – if you prefer a lower temperature, extend the cooking period, is recommended when using the XLOval Roaster
  • The base of all pottery must be covered with either a little water, gravy or food during the cooking process
  • After cooking, switch the oven and allow the dish to cool slightly in oven for about 10 minutes
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